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Welcome in our web site
The society Trasporti Cinematografici Tranquilli s.r.l. the first firm that operates in the sector of the cinema, national and international transports, is present on the market since 1949 using the whole experience acquired in the years, together to a high professionalism in the field of the cinema, of the television and of the show generally.

The great passion for such type of job and the assiduous attention, revolt to satisfy the different demands of her own clients, constitutes always a sign of distinction of the society you Trasporti Cinematografici Tranquilli.

The society, to highly use of qualified technicians that they always guarantee the attainment of the result through theirs direct and responsible collaboration, is further always endowed with a park efficient and modern automezzi in the respect of the present norms CEEs. For this motive the society has been honored of two special prizes: ''Roma Che Lavora'' and National Prize '' PERICLE D´ORO - XXVI Edizione ''

La Tranquilli s.r.l. it will be pleased to participate in yours 'Lights, camera, action!'
The society uses for the own motor vehicles gas-oil 10 ppms that have a greater cost but it allow the reduction of the issue of the gases of unloading. Besides, the generator groups are endowed with fit devices of unloading to the reduction of the issue of the smokes. Periodically they are submitted, with suitable technical instrumentation, to the 'maximum load of course' for the cleaning of the catalysts.

Trasporti Cinematografici Tranquilli s.r.l. - Via delle Cornacchiole, 105 00178 ROMA
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